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Welcome to my 5 Page website...I am very interested in YOU and what it is that YOU are researching for in music lyrics because your shared feeling is who YOU are and that is key to your conveying a combined melody musical expression. Yes, it does work when expressions can intertwine and show a fondness for the human race and how we can show true love and empathy through a simple song.

I welcome you to take this path to examine and imagine what your music would be with accompanying words in a joint collaborative effort. To see how our words can highlight the feelings of your music. 

Hope that you enjoy checking out my website. Remember to click on any audio clips that are ready for you and also to click to unmute to hear the audio on any videos as needed. You will also see a short film that you can review to get an idea of my commentary in writing. 

This is an opportunity for me to share how I write, how I express some of our life journeys and thoughts as they relate to love. I share my writing style of expression and content for you to determine if my words can be formulated to fit your melody. Included throughout my website are performances from popular vocalists and musicians via YouTube and my commentary within the pages to share with you my thoughts and feelings on the videos. I also include two samples of my lyrics.

I am open to respond to composers, writers, lyricists even short film content writers to collaborate with or for suggestions. To bring out emotional expressions from a music composition by way of enhancing that music with accompanying words that express empathy, compassion, and love with its relevance to what we all face in life.

In this First Intro Page...the background song you hear is entitled: "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and The Shondells is rich in a colorful description of love, peace and good. 

Don't forget to activate the sound volume on all audio sound clips or videos displayed if necessary.

Listen to the lyrics of this song to capture the love among one another and its dominance all over this beautiful planet of ours...

"Crystal Blue Persuasion"

By Tommy James and The Shondells

00:00 / 04:04

YouTube was the source for most of my web page entertainment to add some variety throughout my website first lyric sampler is on Page 2 (Sentimental Sampler)which are lyrics that I wrote and of which may fit in more than one genre of music. There you will observe two gentlemen on a clip on the keyboard for your entertainment all due to their connection with music that they found in common. On Page 3 (Romantic Sampler). There I share some of my feelings about Love. How I describe search and yearning for a truly romantic matching love and the treasures in finding such. There you can see my "Love Song" Lyric Sampler. In you will clip of two very special singing artists- Tony Bennett and Thalia. Also on that page is a link to a "short film" you may enjoy viewing about romantic love and how for some may short-lived but not without hope to love again after having to let go of the past. Then on page 4 ( A Bit of My Background) info as it relates to music and then Finally page 5 ( My Thank You) I share my Thank you to all...

I do hope that will enjoy this journey of expressions...including my music from various artists in Pop genres.

Let's not forget that I can record an audio voice-over of my lyrics so that the music songwriter who wishes to enter in an agreement with me may hear and create the "Word Painting" of my lyrics.

I will offer you a service that stems from a diverse source. From beginners to the more experienced collaborating lyricists. Most of my lyrical expressions originate from an emotional theme development based on true life experiences or from those whose dreams are pictorially expressed. Encompassing an array of human feelings ranging from the complex depth of human interaction to the simplicity of humor in life goal is to connect your expressed art in sound waves (your music) with the words to match your message, I am "Writing Lyrics 4U"!

Just click on the page tabs in the upper left part of this page to proceed to pages two through five! See you there

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