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(Enjoy the background music from the movie "Somewhere In Time")
Below is my commentary on sentimentality and how feelings can come to the surface from deep within ourselves: 

"In our lives, at this time there are many positive and yes even some negative beginnings. It really depends a lot on what we do throughout our lives that will bring about an eventual outcome. Some things are in our control and yet some things are beyond our control. Through the course of these events, we can all pretty much tell a story. Hearing someone echo our feelings may be consoling or at the very least may help us put some of these sentiments in perspective."

Sometimes music and the right combination of words help us to ride that wave of emotions. The following sample lyrics can be tailored by the songwriter for either a tender Romantic Ballad or even a Country Genre melody.  

In these lyrics, I tell the story about this woman's emotional struggles as she faces the memories of a lost past and therefore ensues with hope to for a brighter future ahead. 


"Waiting Till The Morning"                             

Looking out the window drawn by the moonlight so bright
Wondering why I sleep this night in tears
Wondering how my heart will face the coming years
Thinking about what brought about the tears

Was the sky that brought back the years
Memories of all those times 
and even fussing times too
Waiting the morning for new dreams and sunlight too

Listening to the wind blow through the window sill at night
Wondering why it was such a restless night
Wondering where my heart will be in years
Hoping for morning to bring about new might


Breathing softly, sighing slowly, trying to unwind
Letting go of yesterday's that weigh my mind
Holding on to smiles that came from many miles
Holding on till daylight for that morning of delight

End of Lyrics

Here is the video shared as a reminder of how sentimentality can be intertwined with Love and how the past sentiments can become part of our future feelings.

The song is "Somewhere In Time". The music video is a piano rendition published by Jeff Williams.

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Theme from "Somewhere in Time" - Piano solo
Published By Jeff Williams on YouTube


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