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The following YouTube music video is not only touching and romantic...but what a beautiful and creative arrangement for both younger and older, extremely talented and well known male and female  ( Tony and Thalia) to sing this duet version of a wonderful love song rearranged with lyrics in two languages in the same song:  
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Tony Bennett duet with Thalia - The Way You Look Tonight (from Viva Duets) ft. Thalia
Music video by Tony Bennett duet with Thalía performing The Way You Look Tonight. (C) 2012 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

For the many aspects of LOVE...much can be written.In romantic love,such as in the above words in the song. One can even search for that type of love...and sometimes it just comes our way. Then other times it just seems to escape within the seconds of time... Yes, these affectionate sensitivities that we are capable of sharing can reach depths that are seemingly tied into every breath we take live life.Love with all its strengths.If held on to at all costs is always and is forever an everlasting treasure. It brings expression to its own ultimate and intimate message.To where not even time is a barrier... I feel that I can write about that kind love to compliment the sounds of your music composition.

There is a certainty a depth in this human feeling.An emotional  connection. Expressing that depth could be very simple,maybe complex,and sometimes intense,but certainly leaves lasting precious memories. Putting it in writing and music takes it another level. So as you write your musical melodies ranging from Pop or Jazz romantic tunes, to Love ballads, Soul or Country Love Songs. I very simply would like an opportunity to compliment your message of music with words that fit your melodic message.

What follows are my own lyrics below-Yes, about Love...a yearning romantic Love.
Would YOU please? I would enjoy hearing your suggestions,comments, best of all your matching music.Thank you.

(The lyrics in this sampler are simply about love that is safely
in heartfelt dreams for the right one. Longingly for the right time to finally be in true love)                         
Entitled: "Safely In My Soul"               
Love for you within me keeps yearning
Not knowing who you are but understand what you're feeling
We sing the same songs and want the same things
As you keep me safely in your soul too
Until right the day comes from God for us two

I keep you hidden safely in my soul
I lay to sleep and awaken each day
Waiting to free you and embrace you fully
To release you and to free you to reality
Your voice, your touch, yes your eyes and words of choice
I keep inside in each dream until I have you close 
Though we have never met we see romance was meant for us  
To someday awaken as husband and wife 
Safely in an intense embrace and passionate kiss
Repeat (CHORUS)
If I could only find you for this dance of romance
And that you also find me so that we may have a chance
That we will finally have our deep embrace 
For our love to come to true, just as you too have dreamed of me

Repeat  Verse 1 and 2 Then (CHORUS) 1X  

End of lyrics

For you film enthusiasts who write about Romantic Stories...
CHECK OUT this short film link about having to emotionally release a love that once was vibrant but suddenly becomes merely a mind and heart vision of a lost past. It is entitled: "Finite" A Dusty /Eric Hyland Film.The message is intimately deep.A subject matter worth writing lyrics for the matching music:

My commentary on this short film ("Finite") is: "It could be said that the love between a man and a woman is intertwined with the thought of infinity. Yet, if they had to part while their love was still a part of them. Hope is the comforter from that ending if one lets those feelings go their natural way to allow room for either a new love tomorrow or the freedom to just love tomorrow."

Sometimes we win the prize of romance, other times we loose. Whether you win or loose, words will always come to mind. That is why: "A writer takes his pen to write the words again..." that "All  Is Fair In Love"- As Stevie Wonder sings in the MP3 song for you to play next:

"All In Love Is Fair" By Stevie Wonder
Some loose, some win, you hope some day to win...
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