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Music in the background is from my childhood memories when I use to dream that mom and dad would romance and dance forever and never clash (LOL!)...The song is "Sabor A Mi" by Eydie Gorme and Los Trio Panchos... 

The picture above was taken at the Oceanside Harbor. The flight of the pelican over the water reminded me of how the qualities of air allow it to gently embrace the air above the water.So too true Love and its qualities allow us to tenderly embrace those we love...

Here is a key point in the lyrics. If one has loved someone at one time in the past so much so that many beautiful memories were made for many years that passed by. That the value of that relationship became timeless. Leaving behind a taste of that one's romance in one's soul or heart taste buds despite what has come about today... Hence, a "Taste Of Me" or "Sabor A Mi". If that love was truly there and this should occur then perhaps they both  feel that the seed of love for each other must continue to grow.  

The thought of getting serious about writing lyrics began around the summer of 2008. Always have enjoyed writing and poetry even in my high school years but this new venture in my life today has opened up new avenues of expression.

My background in music...humm? Well, does dancing the "Peppermint Twist" and "The Twist" at around age 6 count? Yup! My brother and I were a pair! LOL! 

I am an amateur singer...a crooner, I guess. I can try to carry a tune Ok...LOL! (Grinning from ear to ear) with some vocal training at Mira Costa College in Oceanside,California. As I mentioned above. My favorite start in writing to begin with a feeling that makes me think/feel about a given matter or subject. From that theme or I can expound into poetry, lyrics, or perhaps even a short story. Words for music, poetry,or short films. Hence, a voice wave of colorful words creating an art form of human emotions brought out for music.   

During my youth, I grew up with Soul, and Motown music influences. And of course tons of Latino music ranging from Rancheritas to Cumbia tunes. Through my transistor radio too! I grew up in and I recall when we were just kids fun times with mom,dad,myself and my brothers going fishing and camping together in New Mexico and during those times I was able to discover the tunes to some great Country Western music. Later in life, I became intrigued with romantic Jazz and R&B Ballads. Today, I enjoy exploring the tastes and expressions of various vocalists and musicians to hear them bring out a blend of the past with enjoyable sounds of today...comprising of a variety of genres. My diverse span of music tastes shows a music genre perspective that has been rich in variety in terms of the past and the present in music and how it affects our future. I especially have appreciated old and new songs about comfort, hope, and love shared with me and friends all over the world in my Faith . Life is full of events and we are all affected by changes and feelings, especially as we face critical times today that were foretold thousands of years ago.Therefore, writing, talking,or even singing about those feelings is healthy to our nature as human beings. Music was in existence in even before life on earth and will remain in the universe forever!  

I am open minded to any clean lyrical composition or creative theme development. Also,to be very candid with you...I am open to critique! Let me know what your opinion is about my work. I get sharp if you sharpen me! LOL! Drama is Ok too. After all, life is full of drama.

Although my home is in California I can teleconference with you via Zoom, Skype or other means just about anywhere you are. My contact information is on the next web page...


Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos

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